Process automation for International Alco Beverage company

Digital Automation leads to 50% increase in operational efficiency and expansion of product lines



Alco Brewery

IAM Technology


Microsoft power apps



Mobile App development

An international Alcobev company with 1,800+ branches on six continents and dozens of recent industry awards, was unable to expand customer relationship procedures and wanted a better control over manufacturing, logistics and customer services

Business Impact


People-hours per week spent in manual counting and volume scanning


Inefficient operations


Maintenance of product quality


time saved in back-end systems for approvals and collaboration


Streamlined internal processes


Tracking and visibility of goods

Client Challenges

The client wanted to rebuild customer relationships

Lack of apps and tools for business operations

The manufacturer required automated storage and retrieval pick-to-light systems, powered conveyors, and paperless operations

DigiTaiken IAM Solutions

DigiTaiken developed a suite of lifestyle applications

More than a dozen in-house mobile applications were implemented to rapidly expand its user base

Streamlining business operations end-to-end for better visibility

For the employees, DigiTaiken deployed several business applications that gives better control over manufacturing, logistics and customer services

Business Impact


Mobile Applications usage personalized for customer service


Simplification of everyday business activities


Increase in product quality maintenance


Improve in communication between customers and Alcobev staff


Increase in operational efficiency


Real-time tracking and visibility of goods

Solution 1

In-house app development

Inventory data captured

WMS solution

Web & Mobile Apps

Solution 2

Employee business apps

Temperature and humidity readings

Actionable insights

Word of Appreciation

Operations Manager,

International Alcobev

We are now able to focus on expanding our customer relations procedures while also building applications with Power Apps, and we are succeeding towards expansion through a customised solution that DigiTaiken team created for us.

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