Reshaping the world

Integrating environmental and social concerns to make a positive impact on our surroundings


We strongly believe that real change starts with us doing our part.
That’s why we foster impactful initiatives aimed at
creating a sustainable, more collaborative world.

Within ourselves

We’re committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion as part of our global culture

Towards Society

We seek to address society’s most pressing challenges with impactful digital products

Towards the Environment

We are proud to drive responsible climate choices within and beyond our organization

Our Initiatives

We bring change through meaningful, actionable impact

Green Power

We participated in a GreenPower Education Trust Event, where students from all over the world built and raced motor cars fueled by renewable energy

Taiken Harmony
Team-Communication session

A very special session, hosted by our guest speaker Cini JK, where we all came together to develop our communications skills

Waste Management

Leveraging IoT capabilities, we’ve developed a Waste Management solution that ensured waste bins were tracked and managed efficiently

Change Starts From Within!

As a company, we pledge ourselves to promote an inclusive work culture
where individual differences are leveraged toward positive
transformation and growth

Led by the women in our organization, Taiken Harmony is a unique team devoted to impactful, meaningful actions inside our company, seeking to empower everyone in our organization to grow, innovate, and achieve their full potential.

Team Strengthening

Enabling trust and communication for a more collaborative, motivating, and relaxed work environment

Women’s Empowerment

Bringing our women together for a positive impact on their work and lives, by sharing experiences, viewpoints, and guidance

Career Development

Encouraging continuous learning opportunities for our team through knowledge sharing between different departments

Change Towards Society

We are committed to giving back to the
society where we live and grow. That’s why
we foster volunteering and tutoring
opportunities for those who need it

Volunteering our Strength

We put our skills to good use, helping non-profit organizations achieve their goals

Volunteering our Time

We actively take part in volunteering activities that make the world a better place for all

Change Towards The Environment

We are proud to drive responsible climate choices within and beyond our organization, in search of mitigating the impacts of the climate crisis and building a more sustainable world

Supply-chain Consciousness

We work and collaborate with eco-friendly outsourcing vendors to support different initiatives and extend our impact

Tech for the Environment

Partnering with ecology-driven vendors and consultants, we are committed to experimenting and building eco-friendly tech


Learn more about our change-driven initiatives, programs, and activities.

Ally of Green Power

At DigiTaiken, we are committed to positively impacting our environment to make the world a better place for allEnsuring that the workforce is informed and connected is the key to the success of all business’s initiatives and goals.

Smart waste management systems improves efficiency

Management systems leads to 50% improved visibility for sustainability

Delivering Computer Skills

Our team got involved to teach Basic Computer Skills to underprivileged teens

Health First

We reached out to a rural sports team and distributed first aid kits to all players and their families

We’ve set the first steps, now it’s your turn!
Reach us to know how you can participate in our initiatives
to do your bit towards a better world