Digital Workforce Solutions

Build the most productive and competitive workforce with digital workforce solutions that simplify employee work experiences and processes, creating a sustainable culture of innovation and efficiency.

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Why do Organizations need Digital Workforce Solutions?

Delightful employee experience has a direct correlation to business success. Employees working without efficient tools, unable to claim employee benefits with ease, negate the expected results of digital transformation, whereas digitally empowered employees are more efficient in their work and more interactive. This builds healthy company culture, ultimately contributing to a business’ bottom line” 58% of companies


companies are enabling digital workforce solutions


increase in productivity through streamlined communication

$4 Millon

revenue increase through employee retention

What We Do

Consulting & Strategy

We determine the digital quotient of your organization to identify and plan the right digital capabilities needed to improve employees’ experience within the organization and their work efficiency, enhancing employee performance and business value.

Enterprise Risk Assessment

We help organizations to effectively evaluate and manage associated business risks during an employee experience and work process transformation before implementing workforce solutions to reduce the risk and increase success.

Implementation & Operation Automation

We integrate a set of digital tools and applications to improve employee experience and business process aligned, delivering seamless work execution and automation of human capital processes.

Organizational Cultural Transformation

We strengthen your organization's DNA to be resilient and prepared for dynamic market forces, by providing data-driven people insights and enabling employees to adapt and adopt modern digital systems and working methods.

Our Capabilities

Employee Experience & HR Transformation

We employ leading-edge technology tools to help businesses optimize their functions in IT service, HR services & operation, and business operations, ultimately streamlining HR service delivery and automating IT services, enabling increased employee engagement and energized operations.

Digital Integration

We consolidate and customize enterprise technologies for seamless integration with business systems and simplify interactions between different business applications to work toward a successful business outcome and deliver performance, security, and scalability while minimizing cost and risk.

Digital Adoption

We enable digital solutions that drive insightful change and digital adoption among employees, equipping them with digital competencies needed to fully operate digital tools, thus transforming workforce performance across your enterprise, capitalising on digital transformation investments.

Our Technology Expertise

DigiTaiken aligns business strategy and HR operations to enhance workforce management with cutting edge enterprise technologies, thus repositioning your organizational workforce to deliver sustainable, risk-resilient, business outcomes.

Microsoft SharePoint
Microsoft Power Platform
Microsoft Azure Platform

What We Deliver

We simplify how the workforce executes and operates and automate HR processes, thus unlocking human potential and driving increased productivity, engagement, and accelerated business value.

Omnichannel front end-based employee work experiences
Back-end solutions for service layer and data exchange
Integrated automation and orchestration solutions

Customer Sucess Stories

Learn how our Digital Workforce Solutions helped organizations simplify business workflows, enhance employee operations experiences and reduce cost and risks.

Alco Brewery
SharePoint-Implementation for Alco Brewery

DigiTaiken implemented SharePoint to solve information availability issue for Alco-bev company

Power app platform for Asian-based Automotive firm

A Asian-based car dealership achieved 50% increase in profits across the dealership through Power app platform implementation

Alco Brewery
Process automation for International Alco Beverage company

Digital Automation leads to 50% increase in operational efficiency and expansion of product lines

Power app platform implementation for a Detroit-based firm

Power apps build lead to 50% improve in manufacturing processes and increase in production.

Focus Platform

We work closely with leaders in enterprise software products to deliver the best cloud-based capabilities

We are committed to improving business processes through empowering, best-in-class solutions ready to place you in the lead