Identity and Access Management

Strengthen the cybersecurity posture of your digital business by implementing user management and access control of your business applications through resilient, trustworthy IAM Solutions.

DigiTaiken is a proud OKTA partner

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Why Organizations need Identity and Access Management?

Identity theft and unauthorized access are very real threats. Companies manage identity security and access rights in fragmented and siloed approaches, creating cybersecurity gaps and inconsistencies which ultimately make organizations even more vulnerable to attack. To mitigate these risks, organizations must enforce a strong IAM program to secure Identity and access perimeter.

$100 billion

has been saved preventing identity threats


Digital companies are implementing IAM

5 Times

Increase in data and access security strength through IAM

What We Do

DigiTaiken is a proud OKTA partner, delivering an Identity and Access Management portfolio that encompasses a wide range of solutions and services. We take a three-step approach to Identity & Access Management Solutions

IAM Advisory Services

We engage with our clients to assess their current state and end state they desire and map a high-level recommendation around IAM systems/architecture and existing processes. We define an IAM roadmap of implementing short and long term IAM components addressing business objectives.

Identity and Access Discovery

Solution Architecture

IAM Strategy & Roadmap

Threat and Risk Assessment

Business & Technical Requirements

Technology Demo & Proof of Concept

IAM Implementation Services

We have extensive experience implementing complex Identity and Access solutions for enterprises, with a proven delivery methodology. Our team develops the IAM solution design, implements, and integrates it with the organization’s business applications, creating a robust and scalable IAM program.

Technology Implementation 

Migration (Cloud, Hybrid)

Access Engineering

Integration & Optimization

Custom IAM Training

IAM Program Management

IAM Managed Services

We can help you diagnose the root causes of issues plaguing your current IAM program, and transform and manage your IAM operations with end-to-end visibility of access transactions – from the end-user to applications and infrastructure, delivering continuous improvements and optimization.

Technical Support

Continuous Improvements

IAM Operations

Automation and lifecycle management

Core IAM Solutions

Our unique business outcome-led IAM methodology enable customized IAM solutions development considering rapidly changing technologies, ecosystems and threats, and deliver the right balance of connectivity, agility and risk measures.

Identity Governance and Administration
CENTRALIZED REPOSITORY. Know who has access to what through common repository
SELF-SERVICE. Allow users to register for their own account, manage
RECERTIFICATION. Periodically review a user’s accounts and accesses
ROLE MINING AND MODELLING. Employ sophisticated algorithms for visual role mining and optimization
REPORTING AND ANALYTICS. Create custom reports & share with key individuals , Opportunities or Risks
INTELLIGENT PROVISIONING. Provision user accounts and accesses based on Business-driven rules
DELEGATED ADMINISTRATION. Enable Business admins to manage their own users
SEGREGATION OF DUTIES. Detect toxic access combinations and immediately stop them where it all begins - from the time of provisioning
ON-TIME DE-PROVISIONING. Immediate revoke of access to critical resources when Business needs are no longer valid

IAM Lab as a Service

Our flagship customized cloud based IAM infrastructure, employed with our catalogue of proven IAM solutions aligned to real businesses’ identity environments.

Organizations can utilize our IAM Lab to simulate their business needs related to identity and access controls, create IAM solution prototypes identifying the appropriate levels of fidelity, test and validate IAM solutions, mitigate technical and business risk and substantiate business value early and continuously.

How can Organizations utilize IAM Lab As A Service?

Engage our lab resources for New IAM Solution

Explore and Define priorities and goals for your customizable IAM solution Prototype a strategic IAM solution roadmap and design leveraging proven use cases

Optimize your existing IAM solution

Analyse your IAM solution based on comprehensive diagnosis on your own Apply corrective recommendations by IAM Lab system and evaluate results

What benefits can Organizations gain from IAM Lab As A Service?

Experiment and create your IAM solutions yourself

Customized IAM solutions ready for deployment Easy Do-It-Yourself Methodology Change approaches and requirements as many times as needed Optimization Assistance

Ready to Use IAM capabilities

Lab built and tested IAM business cases Deploy faster and smarter Encounter fewer challenges Achieve product value more quickly

IAM School

Our IAM School is one of the world’s few record-building online schools for OKTA IAM Cybersecurity learning and certification exam preparation. Led by OKTA professionals, it has guaranteed successful corporate training and industrial opportunities for IAM enthusiasts.

Leverage our
IAM Expertise to educate and support your team to achieve self-sufficiency
Certified Okta Professional Led Training
Step-by-step OKTA curriculum coverage
Mock test preparation and execution for OKTA certification exam
Post-participation guidance for OKTA certification exam
Full Access to Okta Tool and our Global Okta Lab to practice your learnings

Customer Sucess Stories

Learn how our Identity and Access Management Services secured organizations from malicious identity and access attacks and ensured compliance of policy governance

Alco brewery
Automated DigiTaiken solution in large Alco-Brewery company

Solving time-consuming manual audit processes through automation for enhanced business operations

Information Technology
Comprehensive IAM strategy for international IT firm

IT firm partnered with DigiTaiken to reduce risk and complexities of Identity-based securities

Migration to managed IAM services for Finance Giant

Finance Firm needed migration from in house IAM to managed IAM services to increase security and ROI

Implementing OKTA CIAM for Global Automotive Industry

Building IAM solutions for Industry with over 10 million-plus customers and 3 million-plus suppliers

Focus Platform

We're proud partners with the world's leading security Companies

Discover how you can secure your business from identity threats and unwanted access intrusions and train your workforce accordingly