Digital Products & Solutions

Develop custom software or modernize enterprise systems to deliver delight to your customers and swiftness to your enterprise operations.

Why you should partner with DigiTaiken to build Digital Products & Solutions?

Whether it’s an AI-based self-service solution or a cloud application to manage supply chain, the best digital products encompass business strategy and instill growth and differentiation. DigiTaiken sets and builds the required technological roadmap to develop digital products with your business value, so that they deliver experiences and results that achieve business goals.


of companies without digital transformation start to lose market share in less than a year


of CEOs have found digital innovation lead to increased revenue


of companies are investing in emerging technologies

Low-code Development for Digital Solutions

Leveraging the cross-functional POD through a team of experts, we follow our market-tested CDE methodology
(Conceptualize – Develop – Evolve) in agile format. We offer, specialized perspective on
Digital Product Innovation from conception to build, making them market ready.


We believe in human-centered design principles, based on deep understanding of user needs, preferences, and behaviors. Our experienced designers, engineers, and product managers create prototypes that validate concepts, prove technologies, and ensure that products resonate with the users. This lets us test ambitious, even risky, product ideas and refine the most promising ones.


We take an iterative and agile approach to build and deploy digital products. We start by delivering a minimum viable product with sufficient features to satisfy early adopters and differentiate the organization and at the same time to test future enhancements. Our methods enable quick product launch, while setting the stage for continual development and improvement.


We work with clients to evolve their innovation and product lifecycle processes that can reshape the next level of their product journey. We empower organizations with dedicated teams and methodologies, creating a center of excellence around their digital product.

What We Offer

Idea To Market

From discovering features and product-market fit to mapping out the necessary technologies, we are there with you every step. We can build a prototype to substantiate your idea and evaluate various feasibility aspects.

Ready To Market

We take an agile approach continuing to adapt and develop your prototype to a minimum viable product, finishing it to be a market-ready product.

Product Makeover

Digital Products often need to be evolved to meet the shifting consumer preferences. We can refresh your digital product with innovative design and smart technologies to wow the market.

Our Capabilities

Product Consulting & Design

We understand what you want out of your business and define the most optimum product roadmap to support your business objectives with human-centered design and map a technology blueprint of your product.

Lowcode Development

We enable quick building and deployment of enterprise-ready digital services, leveraging our low-code/no-code development expertise to accelerate product shaping from concept to production. We complement existing low-code/no-code development with engaging branded user experiences, modelling complex application processes with visual process flows, helping ingest, transform, and map legacy system data, and deploy sophisticated automation and analytics capabilities.

Custom Application Development

We help you unlock new business opportunities by addressing specific business issues and goals with bespoke end-to-end applications development and deliver differentiated digital services, reduce development costs, and improve efficiencies through data-infused custom software solutions.

Cloud & System Integration
for Enterprise Digitization

We facilitate enterprise application modernization and digitization with scalable cloud enablement and application integration and management through a continuous delivery model. We re-architect and re-platform complex legacy systems to discover new business agility, efficiencies, insights and revenue streams.

Machine Learning & IOT

We unleash the full potential of IoT and ML with simplified consulting, engineering, and packaged IoT and data engineering solutions to build the right intelligent enterprise product and accelerate business innovation, operational efficiencies, and data visibility across departments. We leverage state-of-the-art analytical techniques including deep learning, machine learning, neural networks, computer vision and speech processing to yield outcome-based impact on customer experiences, business operations and product lifecycle.

Our Deliverables

Build, run, and manage B2E apps across multiple clouds and on-premises with easy-to-use tools and frameworks to ensure compliance and quality management of your operations and enhance organizational agility

Fully customizable and scalable Ecommerce site solutions for business sales control and management that can be integrated into any other organization’s systems and help reach business goals

Leverage machine learning, AI, data lakes, analytics, and IoT with a one-of-a-kind cloud Integrated Solution to help you innovate and build quick MVP of your products, realizing your enterprise objectives

Customized solutions leveraging Cloud and digital services providing pools of computing, storage, and networking resources, all managed through APIs or dashboards, for scalable software development

Low-code, model-driven 4GL solutions platform for seamless IoT software and apps development to make your organization future-ready

Operational Efficiency Apps

Ecommerce Systems

Legacy Modernization & Migration

Innovation Apps

Enterprise Apps

Our Expertise

Openstack Cloud Computing
Mendix Platform
Outsystems Platform
Microsoft Power Platform and Solutions
Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform and Solutions
Amazon Cloud Platform and Solutions
Salesforce Cloud Platform and Solutions
WooCommerce Platform and Solutions

Our Products

Leveraging our expertise and capabilities in IoT, Machine learning, AI, and cloud integration,
we develop digital products that bring unique solutions to major business challenges


Visual Recognition-based retail execution and tracking application for CPG Manufacturers to empower their field workforce with automated auditing and monitoring of product performance on retail shelves

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Smart Waste Management

Complete automated waste collection and management solutions, using low-cost IoT systems and analytics solutions, with inclusive tracking and route optimization features

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Customer Success Stories

Learn how our Digital Products and Solutions empowered industries across the globe with smart, problem-solving tools and apps

Alco Brewery
SharePoint-based online Portal for Brewery

Online Portal solution helped Brewery with 30k+ employees seamlessly collect data and enhance collaboration

Alco Brewery
Azure SQL database solution for Alco Brewery

Automated data input through Azure SQL database solution solves KP record management issues

Alco Beverage
Warehouse automation for European Alco Beverage firm

Digital Automation leads to 30% increase in warehouse operational efficiency and expansion of product lines

Shelf intelligent solution for global supply chain leader

AI-based solution leads to 50% increase in operational efficiency and expansion of product lines

Discover how your organization can best leverage the latest design thinking approaches and technologies to bring maximum business value.